Proven 3D software modules: matching/SLAM/meshing for IOS and lab-scanner, gumline detection and teeth extraction.

Our software solutions provide accuracy and reliability in dentistry.

Our core competencies

Our service range includes all varieties of 3D matching/SLAM, automated CAD modelling on point clouds and meshes as well as feature detection und virtual functional analysis. Decades of experience ensure a wide range of know-how and ready for use solutions.

We develop


Fine alignment of digital jaws with Intercusp

Intercusp lets digital jaws automatically glide onto each other until they touch. In doing so even minimal intersections of the jaws are mathematically impossible. The result is a sustainably intersection-free alignment in maximal contact. Intercusp is available for lab scanners and intraoral scanners (IOS).

Initial alignment with intersections (left). Intersection-free alignment with Intercusp without bite scan (right).

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