3D Sensors / SLAM

Our core competencies

Our software solutions process, analyze and match 3D data of various sensor technologies like LiDAR, laser scanner, stereo cameras, structured light, and many more.

From point clouds to 3D models with efficient, robust 3D algorithms

From depth maps to 3D models

Our high performance 3D matching algorithms merge thousands of individual 3D scans to a consistent 3D model. Our versatile 3D matching algorithms (rigid, deforming, intersection-free) process all common geometric representations (point clouds, meshes, NURBS).

Advantages and benefits
Simulation on real world 3D data (such as digital elevation data)

Simulations on real world 3D data

A special application area of our high performance algorithms is the processing of terabyte sized digital elevation models. We develop and operate a high-performance web service for the Austrian federal states, providing solar altitude analyses, elevation requests and profile services.

Advantages and benefits

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