3D Processing

Big Geometric Data

Convert laser scans to 3D mesh models

Several millions of data points? Our efficient geometry processing methods master big data easily. And if the resolution of your data set is too detailed, our geometric compression routines reduce storage requirements, ensuring minimal loss of quality at the same time.

Digital CAD Process Chains

Digital CAD Process Chains

Our 3D algorithms serve as core modules in fully automatic digital process chains. A customer's requirements are digitized in intuitive (web-based) CAD user interfaces and subsequently processed to production code in an automatic way.

Repair 3D Models, Detect Features

Repair 3D Models, Detect Features

We process any kind of 3D models: meshes, point clouds, spline curve or NURBS surfaces. We improve a model's quality by detecting noise and filling holes. A variety of geometric features may be identified in an automatic way to guide further editing tasks.

Selected Reference Projects

O-Snap - Convert laser-scan data to mesh models in a hybrid automatic-interactive way.

oe3d - Free digital elevation model of Austria with more than 300 million data points.

pcl - Localization in big point clouds: embedded and efficient.