3D Modules

3D Expertise for your Software Project

oe3d Digital Elevation Model Austria

Our expertise in geometry processing, mathematics and informatics lies at the core of our bespoken software solutions, that integrate optimally into your software project..

C/C++, C#, .NET, Python, Javascript, ...

Mesh Geometry Processing

We focus on efficient yet robust geometry processing. The programming language of our coding is determined by your requirements. Embedded systems, PCs and even client-side web applications are based on our 3D solutions.

Seamless integration: Bespoken Plugin Development

goat: Optimization for Rhino's Grasshopper

The interface to our geometric methods is not necessarily a graphical user interface. We develop bespoken plugins for your in-house 3D CAD system (AutoCAD, Rhino, qgis, ...). Your familiar CAD user interface is simply extended by new geometry processing routines.

Selected Reference Projects

Collision-free Motion Planning - C++ software library for collision-free motion planning.

Ünique Skis - Web-based Javascript module to design individual skis.

goat - C# .NET Plugin for Rhino's Grasshopper, optimizes parametric models.